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Our Successful History

DAH Remodeling is a premier home remodeling service company in Pennsylvania. For over a decade, we’ve been the go-to provider for everything from simple bathroom upgrades, to complete kitchen remodeling, to external house additions like custom-made decks and fence installation. 
We take care of simple fixes and emergency ones as well. Fully licensed and insured, whatever it is you want for your home, DAH Remodeling has you covered. Let us give your home the amazing look it deserves.

Who We Are

DAH Remodeling was founded by Dave, who friends and family affectionately enjoy calling their own personal problem solver. If a kitchen needed a makeover, a floor needed to be installed, or a custom deck needed designing around a beautiful old oak that no way was going to come down, Dave has always been the man to talk to. With his tools at the ready, there was no job nor dilemma he could not tackle.

So after years of solving problems, it was only natural that Dave solved yet another– not having an honest and affordable home remodeling contractor in the area. He decided that with his knowledge and skills he could make a difference in people’s homes. And with his winning combination of quality work and personable and affordable service, he’s been building a long list of satisfied customers ever since.

How It Works

Our Process

It All Starts with Listening To You.

We Visit Your Home

We start every project with a visit to your home where we learn about your project goals and desired outcomes.

Discuss Requirements & Best Price For You

After we've done a walkthrough, we'll sit down and discuss the job requirements to get you the best price possible.

Finalize Agreement & Schedule

Once we are in agreement and you want us to move forward, we'll schedule a day and time for our home remodeling pros to begin the work.

All Services

What We Do

Some household projects are large and some are small, but at DAH Remodeling, they each have one thing in common. They are all important. Our personable and professional crew can handle a wide range of projects.

Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchens aren’t just for preparing meals and eating. In many homes just like yours, they are a central gathering space for socializing, for work, and even for playing with family pets.

Do you need a bigger kitchen space for your growing family? Is the current layout poorly designed? Want a kitchen that better matches your eclectic tastes? There are dozens of magazines and online articles chock full of ideas for kitchen remodels. So feel free to get excited and clip or print out those articles and pictures with new cabinets and countertops, center aisles, new flooring, paint, and other wall materials. Then share your favorites with us. It’s important we know what you want!

It’s our goal to transform your living spaces within your home into the comfortable, welcoming places you want them to be, and we’ll do our all to deliver you the end results you both want and need. We’ll work with you to find a look that fits your budget and your sensibilities. And we’ll make sure you are always part of the process from beginning to end.

Bathroom Remodeling

Ready to change out that tired old sink and tub in the bathroom? Are you itching to add an elegant granite-top vanity with a new, modern mirror and lighting? How would it feel to stretch out and soak in a Victorian-style clawfoot tub?

Or are you looking to update your bathroom to include a walk-in shower with grab bars that will be safer to manage as you age? Then again, maybe you just want to add a little spark with a few new towel racks and fancier fixtures. Bathrooms, especially those that serve the whole family, get a lot of traffic and they need to meet the needs of every member.

Chances are you have some great ideas for your bathroom upgrade, and we at DAH Remodeling are eager to hear them. In fact, if you’re interested, we can even offer a few great ideas of our own! We take pride in our work and especially in building solutions that are functional for every member of the family but that don’t skimp on style either.


Floor Installation

You know you’re on solid ground with DAH Remodeling, but if it’s natural stone tile, hardwood flooring, comfy, stain-resistant wall-to-wall carpeting, or another high-quality flooring solution you need, we aim to be your go-to contractor.

There are many factors to consider when choosing flooring. Is the space to be covered in a high-traffic area? Do you have children? Pets? Is easy maintenance a priority? Do you need to adhere to a strict budget? Having a good handle on how flooring materials have been updated and changed over the years is equally important. We’re not just an installer, but a full-service remodeler that will help you determine a flooring solution that best meets your personal style, your needs, and your budget.

Deck Creation

Let Dave and his crew create that backyard oasis you’ve long been dreaming of. We can expand your living space outdoors with a custom new deck or patio, perfect for summer parties with family and friends.


But why stop there? If it’s ambiance you’re looking for, we can spruce up your home’s exterior with flower boxes, pergolas, backyard bridges, raised bed gardens, and more. Let us in on your dreams and leave it to us to build them for you.

Fence Installation

Need a solid fence that affords you privacy when you want to relax at the end of a long hard day? How about a sturdy chainlink fence that will allow your children and pets to play freely and safely outdoors? Whatever your needs may be, our crew stands ready to fence you in! We’ll even handle the local permitting if it’s required.

Handyman Work and Other Small Home Repairs

Small repairs can be tedious to address and easy to ignore, but left untouched can often turn into bigger problems. Whether you need a yard cleanup or a garage cleanout or have a long fix-it list of around-the-house items that need to be worked through, we’ll be here for you.

Emergency Home Repairs

Need someone to replace a broken window, fix a leaky pipe, or replace a burst water heater and clean up the water damage? Acting fast to address an emergency home repair can often mitigate damages and reduce inconveniences to homeowners. With DAH Remodeling, you can trust that if an emergency occurs, help is just a phone call away.

What to Expect from DAH Remodeling

Some household projects are large and some are small, but at DAH Remodeling, they each have one thing in common. They are all important. Our personable and professional crew can handle a wide range of projects.

Have you heard the story about the remodeling firm that came into a home, did one or two parts of the job they were contracted to do, then disappeared for days or weeks on end while they tackled other "more important" projects elsewhere? It's not an uncommon story.

However, you'll never have to worry about having that experience with DAH Remodeling. No matter what size job we take on, customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance. We'll create a clear plan to complete your project in a timely manner and on budget, one that affords the least disruption as possible to your household.

At DAH Remodeling we don't cut corners. We use premium tools and materials so you get the most from your new project and can double or triple your investment.

We pride ourselves on doing things right the first time. Our goal is to exceed your expectations, and you'll see that in the work we do from the beginning of the project and every step of the way to its conclusion.

No DAH Remodeling job is complete until the worksite is fully clean and shipshape. That's our promise. That's our guarantee.

Ready To Get Started?

When we encourage you to reveal your dreams for your home so we can make them a reality for you.  It’s not just a catchy tagline. We really mean it. So if you’re done dreaming and ready to get started, now’s the time to act. Just give us a call or complete the form now to request your free quote!